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Health & Harmony

“We’re just walking each other home.” – Ram Das.

Create your healing harmony package to understand and discover your divine nature and support your vitality. Balance and harmonize your emotional, mental, and spiritual self with practices of a naturally healthy lifestyle to heal our self for all seasons to come.

Custom made solutions include:

* 4 yoga coaching sessions (once a week) to keep your body mechanism healthy
* 1-90 min Energy healing session to cleanse and energize your auras and chakra
* Complete hand and foot reflexology, with pure and fresh essential oils infused with reiki energy to relax your bodily systems
* Your personalized Self Care Kit includes:
– Customized bath salt to use during the new moon and full moon and for general relaxation – to harmonize the body physically and energetically.
– Healing Candle, Incense, and a Sage bundle – to balance and harmonize energy in the home.
– Customized essential oil blends – to support seasonal health balance
– Herbal Tea blends made to order for your tendencies (Dosha).

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